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Introducing the innovation
in payment solutions

Abacus and ANZ are working together and have created a solution that could help you improve your business. Don’t just do payments better, do business better too!

Abacus have developed four new apps for the ANZ BladePay™ terminal, so that you can offer a truly integrated and seamless customer service experience from payment through to staff management.1

Get your Quick Service or Dine In Restaurant business a little more sorted

With Abacus apps and ANZ BladePay™ you could to deliver better outcomes for both you and your customers.

Benefits that could be better for your business…

  • Simplify the payment experience for your wait staff 
 and improve efficiency
  • Increase your tips – With pre-set tips and self 
 service payment
 payment options
  • Quicker payment may mean faster table turn over 
 and more customers
  • Maximise your sales - with shorter lines and less 
 customer walk-offs
  • Optimise Staff Management

Benefits that could be better for your customers…

  • Pay quicker - view the bill and pay in one quick interaction
  • Elegant Bill Splitting – quicker and more intuitive
  • Less time standing in line to order - more time 
 for customers to relax at their table or waiting area for 
 their food or drink


Waiter Pad App

With Abacus' WaiterPad App on ANZ BladePay™ staff can take orders and payment on the spot, reducing the need to go back and forth from the point of sale terminal.

Use this app to bust queues at your quick service restaurant, or to take orders and payments from customers at their table.

Table Pay App

Abacus Table Pay App on ANZ BladePay™ facilitates payment at the table. Which provides customers with an itemised bill and closes the table off upon payment. The App also supports bill splitting and tipping. The App also supports order & pend payment, where a single payment is made at the end of the meal, along with bill splitting and tipping.

Use this app with ANZ BladePay™ to take payments from customers at their table or place orders & pend payment until the customer is ready for the bill.

Air Pay App

Abacus' Air Pay app replaces your traditional credit/debit card merchant service by connecting the ANZ BladePay™ directly to your Abacus POS, bypassing PC-EFTPOS and streamlining your workflow. When you select a debit or credit option on the Abacus POS, the payment amount will instantly send to Air Pay on ANZ BladePay™. Invite your customer to tap their card or mobile wallet on ANZ BladePay™ when prompted to complete the payment.

Punch Clock App

Abacus' Punch Clock utilises the camera functionality of ANZ BladePay™ to streamline and centralise employee shift management7.

Use this app with ANZ BladePay™ to manage when your staff clock in and clock out.