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Boost your business with Polygon Express™.
The fast and efficient POS app.
Get to know Polygon ExpressTM

ANZ BladePay™ and Redcat's Polygon Express™ app are bringing an innovative touch to customer service.

This powerful point-of-sale solution is fast, efficient and extremely easy to use. Monitor performance, keep a close eye on your finances and improve overall customer service and productivity - all in one handy app.

"ANZ BladePay™ with Polygon Express™ is amazing! Our customers love the extended customer service it provides. Whether Polygon Express™ is used to help diners place follow-up orders, or to take their order to avoid queueing, ANZ BladePay™ means a better diner experience, and a better financial return for the restaurateur."

Jeff Lamb, Redcat CEO

Orders and payments - straight from the table

With ANZ BladePay™ and Polygon Express™ you can take orders and make payments directly at the table. The app will even send the orders to your prep staff - easy!

Follow up orders at the touch of a button

In pay-at-counter restaurants, customers will often choose to leave instead of lining up to order something else. Make life easier for your customers while increasing your follow up orders with this mobile POS solution by Polygon Express™ and ANZ BladePay™.

Cut down on queues

Peak times at busy cafes and quick service restaurants can be tricky to handle. ANZ BladePay™ and Polygon Express™ can help serve long queues of customers, faster. The mobile collection of orders and payments means people can relax, knowing that their order is being prepared.

Polygon 1703.20.2.s or later is required.
There may be further requirements please contact your Redcat representative.
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Important Information

  1. ANZ BladePay™ is preloaded with the ANZ FastPay® Next Generation App. All other apps available in the ANZ FastPay® App Catalogue are developed by third parties (unless otherwise noted in the ANZ FastPay® Catalogue). To the extent permitted by law, ANZ is not liable for any of these third party apps.
  2. Terms and conditions may apply to the use of apps developed for ANZ BladePay™ by your POS vendor. Please contact your POS vendor for these.
  3. Please confirm with you POS provided that the version of the POS system you are using is compatible with the app they have created for ANZ BladePay™.
  4. Downloading or using apps developed for ANZ BladePay™ by your POS vendor may attract fees and charges. Please contact your POS vendor for information on these.
  5. Whether your business will enjoy the benefits described here will depend on your business and whether your POS vendor has built an app for ANZ BladePay™ with the appropriate functionality. Speak to your POS vendor about whether their app is right for your business.
  6. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.